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Document & Imaging

The Eclectic-Systems Business Process Framework is the benchmark solution for high-volume scanning for small and mid-size businesses.  Customers can achieve significant increases in efficiency, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction. The Eclectic-Systems Framework delivers an "off-the-shelf" solution that encompasses all aspects of workflow automation at an affordable price. The web component includes scanning from any USB scanner, indexing, and easy retrieval in a non-proprietary format.

Key benefits include: no scripting or programming requirements; rapid design and deployment, scalability(thousands of concurrent users), a web portal that will allow all employees easy access instantly to scanned documents.

Eclectic-Systems Web Portal offers

Tomcat web server

Tomcat open source code makes it an easy selection as as our web server of choice. Its easy configuration and installation makes it suitable on almost all operating systems.


MSSQL Server is one of the stalwarts in the database industry. Which makes it our choice for a robust back-end.


We can provide customizable code to enhance the experience of using our software at a very reasonable price.

Eclectic-Systems Web Portal

Our web portal can be installed on any operating system. It allows users to easily scan and retrieve documents from the customers intranet and the comforts of their desk.


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